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So Good #18

Item #:821002 

Transgressive, elegant, crunchy, playful, healthy, technological... and much more. Find out what's like the 18th volume of so good.. magazine, the magazine of haute patisserie.


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1.0 19.95

Number of pages: 304

Measures: 230 x 297 cm

Language: English


  • Dinara Kasko, Simply amazing
  • Lauren v. Hass, A critical approach
  • Lior Shtaygman, A close look
  • Frederic Bau, Imagining the future
  • Cedric Grolet, Lemon, apple, hazelnut, and almond
  • Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casanas, New techniques without borders
  • Christophe Roesems, Defending a character
  • David Gil, Ice cream beyond itself
  • Leonardo di Carlo, In full maturity
  • Gabriele Riva, Mochi Gelato: When Japan and Italy met in a dessert
  • Andres Moran, Healthy yet good
  • Jordi Puigvert, The multiple paths of technique
  • John Shields & Karen Urie Shields, It Takes Two
  • Susanna Yoon, Stick with her
  • Emmanuel Hamon, Appreciating patissier globalization
  • Elena Krasnova, Paris is in my hands
  • Antonio Bachour and Karina Rivera, New Bistro Spirit Plated Desserts
  • Nobuhiro Koto, A plate of Karuizawa
  • Franck Michel, Classic and contemporary
  • Tidbits
  • Fredrik Borgskog, The architecture of nature
  • Fabrizio Fiorani, The incalculable value of superfluous
  • Vincent Attali, Mediterranean, technological, free
  • Elaine young, Accompanying the Indian pastry awakening

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