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  • Chef Rubber edible airbrush colors are the brightest and truest available. Use airbrush color along with our airbrushes and compressors. Spray onto fondant and gum paste. Use to color isomalt.

Cocoa Butter Data Sheet Click Here

Chef Rubber color emulsion gels are used to color water based products. It can be used to color icings, buttercreams, batters, doughs, sauces, glazes, plus so much more.

Color Emulsion Gel Data Sheet Click Here

  • Chef Rubber confectionery candy color is an oil based colorant suitable for coloring sugar, coating chococolate, buttercreams, and other fat-based products. Use liquid white to color cooked sugar opaque white and make other colors opaque.

Use powders to add brilliance and shimmer to display cakes, showpieces, or decorative pieces. Chef Rubber decor powders are non-toxic.

Chef Rubber decor powders are premixed with alcohol for convenient ready-to-spray decor colors. These are not certified food colors. Recommend use: Spraying display cakes, showpieces, and decorative pieces.

Liquid Sugar Color: Much more increased color concentration than airbrush color. Utilize for cooked sugar applications, confections, poured, blown, or pulled sugar pieces, pastillage decor work. Can be directly added to any water based food product.

Liquid Sugar Color Gel Data Sheet Click Here

Paste colors can be used in a wide variety of applications including: coloring fondant, gumpaste, marzipan, royal icing, buttercream or cake batter.

Chef Rubber pearl powders will give brilliance and shimmer to: cakes, cookies, showpieces, chocolates, gum paste, and other decor pieces. FDA Compliant.

  • Chef Rubber's super concentrated, FD&C certified powdered food color for coloring fat-based items.

Concentrated powdered colorant for water soluble food items and sugar. Only takes a speck of color to color a large batch.