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Crisp Coat

Attribute Category C
Item #: 501026S 

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Crisp Coat is a versatile starch-based crisping agent that enhances textural properties in and encourages better structure and cling in fried batters and breadings.

  • Crisp Coat homogenizes the appearance of, and adds firmness to the texture of the surface of fried foods.

  • Crisp Coat extends the duration of crispiness in food products kept stored under heat lamps.

  • Crisp Coat is a specialized blend of corn starch and dextrin.

  • Use 10-40% Crisp Coat in the dry mix of batters (typically wheat or corn flour, Crisp Coat and seasonings).

  • Use 10-30% Crisp Coat by weight in breading.

For best results, keep Crisp Coat infused batter continually well mixed during use.


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501026A 22.6kg / 50lbs
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