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  • This is Felchlin Elvesia Dominican Republic 42% Grand Cru Organic Milk Chocolate Couverture (42%-30h).
  • Creamy caramel swirls around the mild chocolate flavor of Elvesia Cacao.
  • A hint of ripe bananas subtly emerges before a lingering finish, underpinned by hints of spicy vanilla and malt.
  • Use Elvesia 42% to coat pralines and specialities, fill hollow shells and create ganaches, mousses and creams.
Bakeable Almond Filling
  • Felchlin California 1:1 is a specially-created filling with an intense almond flavor, ideal for all sorts of almond confections.
  • Use for almond confectionary, baked products and as a filling.
  • California 1:1 is suitable for rolling out flat like a dough.
Pistachio Filling
  • This is Felchlin Pistachiosa F Pistachio Filling.
  • Pistachiosa F is an exclusive firm filling with 17% of real pistachios which give your pralines, pastries and desserts an exceptionally flavorful twist.
  • Use Felchlin Pistachiosa to create pralines/chocolates, specialities, confectionaries, tortes and pastries.
Watch this video of Felchlin Pistachiosa in action!
New Item
  • This is Felchlin's high quality custard powder for making vanilla pastry cream. 
  • Use this vanilla custard powder as a base cream for tortes, pastries and desserts.
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Coating Chocolate
  • This is The Felchlin Ultra White M moulding chocolate.
  • The Felchlin Ultra White moulding chocolate is easy to use as no tempering is required.
  • Perfect for moulded dimensional items or confectionary requiring a firmer coating as it sets with a shiny finish and firm snap.
  • Use Ultra White for coating of cakes, tarts, pastries and confectionaries. To mould fancy items (Easter bunnies, eggs etc.).
  • Warm to between 48–50°C/118–122°F. Working temperatures 35–45°C/95–113°F. Does not need tempering.
  • Use our amazing Color Brix to tint this coating before applying to your sweet treats!
Writing Chocolate
  • This is Felchlin Scrivosa W White writing chocolate.
  • Felchlin Scrivosa provides an intense white color for decorating or writing on cakes, pastries, cookies and confections.
  • Heat the mixture to at least 48°C/118°F.  Stir well.
  • Felchlin's Choco Brillant Dark mirror glaze gives a beautiful shiny finish to your glazed cakes and pastries. It also keeps in the freezer.
  • This is a shiny dark chocolate glaze for entremets, pastries, desserts and ice creams.
  • Warm the glaze to 35 C - 40 C / 95 F - 104 F and glaze.
  • When required, dilute with water (max 5%).
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White Covering Mass
  • This is Felchlin Deco Roma white covering mass.
  • Use to ice all types of tortes and cakes and to create small flowers and figures.
  • Knead Deco Roma by hand until pliable, then roll using icing sugar or starch. 
  • Create a glance by rubbing Deco Roma with the heel of your hand.
  • Sold in 6.5kg (14.3lbs) pail.
Ghana Croquant 2-3mm
  • Felchlin Ghana Croquant Nibs are ideal to give your cakes, ice creams or dessert an additional sensory dimension, because they are caramelized and have a unique crunchy yet tender texture.
  • Add these cocoa nibs to baked cakes, biscuits.
  • These Felchlin croquant nibs enhance the texture of pralines, fillings, ice creams, chocolate bars, florentines and hazelnut biscuits.
  • Decorate desserts, pastries, tortes and pralines/chocolates with these Felchlin Ghana cacao nibs.
  • Felchlin cacao nibs are a great ice cream topping!
  • Add approximately 10% for fillings and couvertures.
Make a Felchlin Sandwich Cookie
Hazlenut Praline Paste
  • Felchlin Praline Paste 1:1 has an authentic hazelnut taste, because it is produced immediately after the hazelnuts have been roasted and added to the mass to ensure that it is as fresh as possible.
  • Use this Felchlin praline paste to create pralines/chocolates, specialities, confectionary, tortes, pastries and ice creams.
  • This is Felchlin Cacao Fruit Grand Cru Dark Couvertures.
  • It is a dark chocolate Felchlin couverture with cacao juice concentrate.
  • The cacao fruit juice is gently concentrated and blended with the cacao kernel to give the natural sweetness and unique flavors of the cacao back to the couverture.
  • Accompanied by harmonious black tea, the long-lasting finish makes this quite exceptional Grand Cru couverture an unforgettable experience.
Fillings, Glaze & Mould
  • This is our Declair to Éclair bundle,  a special offer to fill éclair artists with inspiration!
  • When you purchase this bundle, here's what you'll receive:
    • 1 pail (6kg/13.2 lbs) of Felchlin Vanilla Cream powder #509312
    • 1 pail (6kg/13.2 lbs) of Felchlin Choco Brillant Dark mirror glaze #502501
    • Our exclusive Felchlin Osa 14 flavor filling kit #509590S
    • As a bonus, the bundle includes 1 Demarle silicone éclair baking mould, a $77.00 value AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!
  • Use the vanilla powder and Osa flavors to create your fillings (280g Osa to 720g Vanilla Cream, stir until smooth).
  • Use the Choco glaze to coat your éclairs.
  • Hurry, supplies for this offer are limited!
eclair bundle
Your Price:
1 ea of 14 flavors/ 250g ea
  • This Felchlin Osa trial kit is the best way to experience the collection of easy to use pastry fillings.
  • Use Osa fillings to create pralines/chocolates, specialities, confectionaries, tortes and pastries.
  • Contained in this kit are 250g pails of these flavors:
    • Caramelosa
    • Almonosa
    • Pistachiosa
    • Frambonosa
    • Blueberryosa
    • Orangeosa
    • Pralinosa
    • Mascarponosa
    • Rosanosa
    • Mangonosa
    • VeryBerryOsa
    • Coffeenosa
    • Fraganosa
    • Lemonosa
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  • Use your steady hand and these Sweetliner pocket-sized piping bags to create the most beautiful letters and decorations on cakes with the utmost precision.
  • Constructed of flexible and non-slip multi-layered foil, these bags feature sealable 0.8mm nozzles that fall right into place for immediate use.
  • Filling the Sweetliner in advance is no problem. Simply place the bag from the fridge into the microwave – or au bain-marie – and get to work.
  • Set contains 50 piping bags and 50 piping nozzles.
  • Recommended for use with Felchlin Scrivosa Writing Chocolate.
Your Price:
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