Flowers, feathers, bows and more - create divinely delicate edible decor!
11.7in x 8.2in
  • Wafer paper is delicate sheets of edible paper, that are safe for consumption, imparting little to no flavor to other edibles they are placed on or used with.
  • Wafer paper can be manipulated in a number of ways, making it a versatile medium in creating many different decorations and designs.
  • Because it is so light weight, it has become the medium of choice for many chefs, decorators and artists.
  • Make prepared decorations for cakes, as well as form it into flowers, bows, feathers, or support pieces for sculpted cakes, such as bunny ears, fingernails and more.
  • Used for nougat, edible decorations, and cake transfers or with a  to create an amazing floral accent.