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Trick Or Treat Set Mag

Item #: 905110S 

This terrific Halloween transfer sheet set covers a lot of bases - a wicked witch, a haunted house, flying bats and more! 
Transfer Sheet: Trick Or Treat Set Magnetic (Orange). 

Overall sheet dimensions are 15" x 10.375" (381mm x 263.52mm). Each whole sheet comes with 3 perforated panels that detach and fit in the back of your mould.
  • The dimensions of each perforated panel fitting in the back of you mould are 5" x 10.375" (127mm x 236.53mm).
  • For example, when purchasing the 30 sheet quantity above, you are getting 30 whole sheets (3 panels per sheet) for 90 moulds worth of transfer designs.
  • There are 6 different designs in this set. 

    The sheets and design work with magnetic mould item #602224.
    Other colors available upon request. 
    (Some lead time required.)
    WARNING: Chef Rubber will not be responsible for damaged product if Next Day Delivery is not chosen.
    SKU Number Magnetic Molds Pack Size Price Quantity Add to Cart
    905110A 150 count
    905110B 30 count
    905110C 15 count