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Ultra-Sperse M

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Item #: 501808S 

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  • ULTRA-SPERSE¨ M is a high performance, cold water swelling (CWS) modified food starch derived from waxy maize. 
  • It is particularly well suited for food preparations subjected to severe processing like microwaving or milling. 
  • It exhibits excellent dispersibility and imparts superior sheen, clarity, and smoothness when compared to traditional pregelatinized starches. 
  • ULTRA-SPERSE¨ M disperses easily in hot or cold water without lumping and yields a smooth, short texture with excellent sheen and clarity. 
  • The product is extremely resistant to harsh processing conditions including intense heating (microwaving), high shear (milling), or low pH.
  • The product imparts a rich, creamy mouth feel to prepared foods. 
  • It also offers excellent cold temperature storage stability to refrigerated or frozen foods.


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501808C 2.5kg / 5.5lbs
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